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MARINA’s High-nrg Fitness Sing Off The Pounds ® Workout Videos 
combine MARINA’s chart topping music together with karaoke fun. 
Programs include workouts for cardio, bodysculpting, stretch, & rebounding. 
MARINA likes to have fun when she works out and these workout videos 
are chock full of it. Click through the various videos below and see what 
everyone's talking about. It's MARINA's unique and wild workout videos!   

These programs are perfect for all levels of fitness.
Available as download for $7.99 or on DVD for $15.99
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MARINA's Sing Off The Pounds Workout Videos

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"Jealousy? ... Don't Ya Let It Get Ya"


"Don't ya let it get ya nothing's gonna trip ya and drive you away. Don't ya let it get ya, I'm gonna bet ya, listen when I say that you'll be ok! It's a fact you know where it's at, take a look right inside your heart. Now is the time to get up and shine just give it the perfect start."

These are actually lyrics to a cardio fitness song I wrote that I am giving you today. It is located on a link at the bottom of this blog. Click on it. At a tempo of 162 beats per minute it is bound to give you that extra push no matter what type of cardio you are doing. Walk... run... do elliptical... or simply bop in place right at your computer.

Have you committed to yourself this year to work on a better you! Yes? Well then... have you experienced that sometimes those around you have a habit of holding you back not wanting to be reminded of their own bad habits? Misery loves company! Oh yeah! Enabling. Yes I admit it. I usually eat with gusto around other people who have a food addiction. When things are not going well for me, it is easier to be around others that are also experiencing some difficulties in their own lives.

Why? Jealousy! eeek! Guilty as charged. What is it in us that reacts so violently when we see someone who is pulling their act together when we are not ready to do so ourselves? Not a politically correct thing to say, I know. However, in my 50 years of being on this planet I have seen it over and over again. Why, for example, when we commit to staying motivated on a healthy eating and fitness plan, do we have those friends that tempt us with... "Oh, come on... have a piece of cake... one little piece... it's not everyday" ... or the... "Come out to dinner, you can workout tomorrow". The one I hear the most is... "Honey.... you look fine, you're not fat" ... when you know quite well that the pair of pants that were always comfortable are now cutting off your circulation.

Well.... "don't ya let it get ya... I'm gonna bet ya, nothing's going to trip ya and drive you away!"

I believe in you. I believe that no matter what you are going for that you can stay motivated. Don't let the "n" sayers and non-believers interfere with the better you. Don't let the dark song of jealousy in them sing out and ruin your vision of whatever dream or goal you are working towards. Grab and hold on tight and go for it! Start right now!

Click on the link below and do something good for your health. Pop on the song and let it fill you with energy! I am sure it will give you that extra motivation. Enjoy... and as always... Never Stop Movin'!

Click here for a free sample of my song "Don't Ya Let It get Ya!"

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MARINA's Musical Health Workout Music Samples

All of these songs are available on MARINA's Workout Albums

"Gods Own Creation" - Click here for a free sample
"In The Ghetto" - Click here for a free sample
"Mumbo Jumbo Mad Mix" - Click here for a free sample
"Another Sunday" - Click here for a free sample
"Come Together People" - Click here for a free sample
"Disco Rockin Roll" - Click here for a free sample
"Make Ya Dance" - Click here for a free sample
"My Philosophy" - Click here for a free sample

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What´s the buzz about about MARINA´s Workout Videos

These workouts will show you great results. For fitness enthusiasts more on the advanced side, these workouts are perfect. They are energetic and make you sweat! You will not regret buying some of these for those moments of your workout where a moderate pace just will not cut it. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to drive full throttle into these workouts. In the words of MARINA, Today's the day!
- Mitch D.

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MARINA has done it again! Here are some workouts that separate the weaklings from the warriors. At fast tempos and exciting build-ups, these workout videos will test your cardiovascular abilities and give you the endurance of a rock-star. Absolutely a must buy for those of you who like a powerful workout.
- Sandy V.

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I love these workouts! There's nothing like getting on a pair of running shoes, a t-shirt, and shorts to get prepared for one of MARINA´s tracks. From the moment you press play to the moment that MARINA wraps it up, she will make you fell so good about yourself and make you feel like life is worth living. Happy and fun tones during a working out are definitely what is needed to break away from the ideal image of going to the gym. You need to keep yourself entertained while working out and MARINA definitely supplies the entertainment. Thank you so much MARINA, these workouts are exactly what I need to add to my workout video library.
- Cindy W.

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These are some different cardio workouts! They will rip that fat off of you and replace it with a lean, mean body that everyone will be envious towards. The first time I did one of these, I almost fell to the floor because I could not take it, but MARINA pushes you further and further to a point where the workout becomes almost something of a game. Her use of motivational speaking and singing over high-energy music creates an amazingly balanced mix that will keep you entertained through your routine. Marina just cracks me up during the workout!
- Mary L.

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Get those running shoes on and get going. These are some awesome workouts from MARINA that should definitely be included in your routine. There is nothing like running her music and powerful voice to help you reach that extra goal. Don't waste your money on supplements or workout machines. All that you need are these workout videos and you're golden. These will make you sweat and burn away all of those chips you ate for lunch this afternoon. Get with the program and put some of these on your iPod. You will not regret it.
- Barbra N.

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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workout Routines

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