iPod Workouts Pre-Loaded on MARINA’s iPod nano

MARINA's Pre-loaded Apple iPod nano comes complete with 30 of MARINA's High-nrg Fitness iPod Workouts and are good for all levels of fitness!
Includes Treadmill, Elliptical or Walking and Cardio Motivational Workouts complete with MARINA's motivating music and instruction. The touch screen iPod nano holds up to 8 Gigabytes of data, plenty for your own music too.

iPod nano is a trademark of Apple Inc.
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MARINA's Pre-Loaded iPod Nano

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"Come Take A Walk... And I'll Entertain You!"

"Come take a walk with me then we can talk together... and I'll entertain you.
It can be a lonely road you've traveled so far with your fitness program... let me Entertain You... let's go walking off together so far... and I'll Entertain You!"

This is my "mantra"! For the wordage I hear everywhere I go is... "I do not like to exercise...it is so boring!"

So that is what I have made my job... musical fitness entertainment. No, no... not just fitness trying to be entertaining... but writing and producing entertainment or "edutainment" product to present fitness... it's a different way of thinking.

After losing 100 pounds in my late 30's back in 1997, I started to work with countless companies and products out there where I sit with people in development watching them scratching their heads on how to make a gadget entertaining. Now look, there are certainly products and gadgets that can be very effective. There are also plenty of experts in fitness with great knowledge who are brought to the table in these meetings for their thoughts on how to take that gadget and give it moves and maybe even put music under it.

Let's face it.... with cardio in particular, you do not need an instruction guide once you have found the "on & off" switch... or the miles per hour arrow. It is all about repetition and being distracted and entertained long enough to stay with whatever cardio activity you are doing. Stay on it long enough to burn a calorie. But the problem is even 10 minutes of cardio can seem like a lifetime if you are bored.

Music at the proper tempo and proper intent is vital. Get the repetitive move you are making to stay at a repetitive pumping pace like on a treadmill can make all the difference. This goes for all levels of fitness. Now, combine that with "lyrics" that tap into your heart; that have a message directed at what you are doing. Let's take that up a notch and combine voice over... "musical health talk" if you will... where instead of the verse being sung... it comes out with music still going as I speak to you regarding different subjects in health. Perhaps there is as an expert in a given field we are talking about that joins me. Make no mistake... I am not talking about just putting music underneath that is an after thought. I am suggesting the song be about the subject at hand being spoken about that day at that workout. A weave... mini-musicals that incorporate a story and an issue. The chorus always kicking in with full vocals incorporating lyrics of that message where we get that extra push and energy rush.

This is the approach that I have worked endlessly to write and produce over the past 13 years since losing my 100 pounds. As a singer/songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist, this is how I stay on target. As I enter my recording studio each day... with not an idea in sight... I let my mind go to a subject matter that I feel is relevant to many of you. Then I develop beats at a proper tempo for the activity at hand... start writing lyrics... start laying down my vocal parts... violin lines.... orchestrations. From there, after the song is written and recorded... I pop out those verse vocals and speak with you as I "edutain" on the subject I am also singing to you about.

So you see... as you run.... rebound... do elliptical... or do any cardio activity you might choose, I'll Entertain you!

Come on!... take a walk with me then we can talk together... and "I'll Entertain you!".

Pop on those headphones and enjoy this one by me to you....

Click here for a free sample of my song "Entertain You!" and get on up, walk in place right at your computer while you listen.

Enjoy and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

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