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MARINA's Mediation Stress Reduction MP3 Downloads are perfect for melting away the stresses of your day. Calming and effective - the best downloadable MP3 Meditation Stress Reduction exercises available. MARINA will help you achieve inner peace.
This selection of Meditation Stress Reduction exercises includes soothing music and guided imagry by celebrity personal trainer MARINA.
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"Say The Words Still Unspoken"

How many of us go through our days feeling like the weight of the world is on our shoulders? Doesn't matter what age, what stage of life... we often feel like nothing we do may ever really count or amount to anything. Why continue to dream or have goals when everyday we put on the news to hear about more disasters or the futility of our own purpose. Simple. Keep it simple. Maybe that is all it is.

Hear that inner voice, you know, the one that speaks to you in the back of your head. Breath... take that breath of life... movement... maybe the "Unspoken" words that make up our own feelings are enough. Listen to those feelings. They have no IQ, they are your feelings...valid!

Surrender to them and validate "you!"

Do not leave "you!". Take a deep breath... inhale through your nose... exhale through your mouth. Keep breathing. Drop those shoulders and lengthen your spine..... relax.... and find peace in your own words that may be and remain forever "Unspoken!"

Click here for a free sample of my song Unspoken"

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