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MARINA's Children's Music offers fun choices for kids that parents will love as well. Always fun and "edutaining", these products are sure to become the family favorites whether you are at home or on one of those long drives in the car.
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"Fight Obesity With At Home Musical Fitness "Edutainment" Holla!"

At a time of economic and global uncertainty, the idea of fighting the battle-of-the-bulge may feel like an unnecessary burden. Gym memberships may not be in your radar during the face to face combat of paying those daily bills. Treadmill workouts, elliptical machines, spinning may not be your priority of the day. Needing to soothe oneself is at an all time high making the "high" in the evening more important than anything else. Yes, yes, I know, "pick your poison". What happened to the old time idea of sharing ourselves and feelings with family?

The idea of staying home and making life's daily motions convenient has never been more important or palatable for families. Finding stay at home "edutainment" ideas that can make us feel filled with energy and positiveness. Time spent with your spouse and the kids may start with the music. Walk or run in place while you spend time together eye ball to eye ball talking and sharing your day's events. Raise up that voice and "holla!". Get closer to one another.

Does family time have to be around a dinner table? Can't it be by simply looking at each other and helping to achieve a healthy sense of self?
Yes... spending time together as a family can be good for your health! Simple lifestyle changes such as movement are always spoken about. How about putting them into motion literally. Stretch, relaxation exercises, abdominal work can all be done together. Go ahead and complain while you do it. Why not? Misery loves company as the expression goes. No pain no gain, Honey! Keep that energy moving in your body and in your life. Pop on that track and never stop movin'!

Hear the music... feel the beat.... @126 beats per minute and HOLLA!

Click here for a free sample of my song "Make Me Holla"

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