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"Small On Cash But Large On Weight? You Need What I Have"

With the state of the economy being in a shambles, obesity seems to be on the rise in this country. Why? Well, maybe it is because people are turning to less expensive food alternatives that do not always carry the highest nutritional value. Maybe it is because gym memberships are not a priority in one's budget restraints. Maybe it is because many of us turn to food to soothe ourselves when times get tough. Excuses? Well, good excuses, I think. These are difficult times for most out there. Yea, me too!

As a woman who has had 3 children and has lost 100 pounds, I understand how easy it is to turn to food but how hard it is to loose those pounds that seem to creep onto our bodies so quickly. I also understand getting into shape as well as weight control and the cost that can go along with it.

Most foods that we know are better for us than junk food can sometimes be met with a pretty hefty price tag. Fresh organic vegetables, lean fish and meats, along with that gym membership and or with that personal trainer can add dollars to your monthly budget.

Who can afford that?

How about the idea that with the internet right at our finger tips we can find a bunch of what we need for a fraction of the cost. This is certainly true of what is available out there to keep us motivated to move!

As a singer, songwriter and recording artist I started to license much of my music to the fitness community in the late 90s. Jazzercise, Dynamix, are companies that have carried my music for years. In 2004, with the birth of Podcasting, I had an idea! How about merging the worlds of music together with that of a fitness trainer's vocal instruction and help people get into shape right at home for very little money. Instead of a personal trainer who comes with an hourly price tag.

How about simply offering a large selection of downloadable workout programs for only 99 cents a piece?
How about the idea of staying motivated while at home in the privacy of you own living room?
For those that have a piece of equipment such as a Treadmill, music and workout programs at your finger tips are invaluable.
For those of you that have no equipment, how about the idea of walking or running in place?
Of course, walking or running outside is always great. Whatever the choice, the concept remains the same.

Why pay lots of money to get into shape? Why should being over weight come with a large price tag? Start with the music, the voice, the encouragement and motivation for just pennies.

Take a cardio Musical Health moment and move to this song from MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workouts at 135 beats per minute.

Are you short on cash and need to loose weight and get into shape? I do believe "you need what I have!". Click here for a free sample of my song "What I Have".

Stay well and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

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