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"Today I Believe"

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"How many million times do we say the same old line it really blows my mind... you know it! Now, it's not a crime it's just a waste of time, now here is the reason why. Excuses, that is the same old reason, let's all attack... grab on this is the season... I'll take you there... a place that's warm and tender so here we go... let me show you the way. Today's the day... I know... nothing can stand in our way!"

I do believe that!

These are lyrics I have written to my song available at the bottom of this blog to motivate you to do any form of cardio today. At a tempo of 132 beats per minute, use it to stimulate your body and your mind. In these hard times of economic and vocational loss, obesity and the overwhelming rise in health care costs, we all need to believe and help each other as much as we can.

So many people have been writing to me for advice on how to stay motivated with their fitness commitments and targeted weight loss goals. Now more than ever it is too easy to fall off the health & fitness wagon due to feelings of depression where the world is concerned. Maybe you just lost your job... or maybe you have had to relocate your family and pack up a house lost and put your kids in a new school. All the pressure that comes along with our current stressful state of our World is not exactly the cheerleader we all need to keep us on point.

Try this today... say... "Today I Believe!" Reach out to those around you. Oh yes... I understand the emotional paralyses that may come with getting that pink slip at work.

That's ok... Alchemy!.... sometimes disappointment can lead to greater things in life. Remember what you we were taught as kids.... "Use your time wisely!" See?... you are on the internet with the ability to reach out to people all over the world... How Fabulous!!!

Help each other. We are all going through this together... not that it will immediately pay your phone bill... however... one never knows what is around the corner. Keep on keepin' on! Jump out of bed... get those fingers on that keyboard as you type away today... then get on up and move... or simply inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth and say those words..... "Today I Believe!"

Stay well and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

Click Here for my song "Today I Believe"

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Please check with your doctor before beginning any health and fitness program.