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How do I choose a MP3 Workout?
How long are the Workouts?
How do I download my MARINA’s MP3 Workout?
How often should I use MARINA’s Audio Workouts?

How do I choose a MP3 Workout?   [Top ]

First decide on what kind of workout you want to do: an aerobic or body sculpting workout.

Walking & Cardio Motivational Workouts are good for:
walking, running, aerobic dance, spinning, stair climbing, rebounding,

MARINA’s Body Sculpting, Stretch & Relaxation Workouts are good for:
Body Sculpting, Free Weights, Circuit Training Pilates, Stretching

Next, decide if you want the Workouts with Instructions or Workouts without Instructions. Many people start with instructions then switch over to the without instruction workouts.

In Workouts with instruction MARINA talks about a particular subject. Scroll through the workouts and see which subjects interest you. Most people like the wide variety of topics MARINA talks about. They generally have something to do with the underlying reasons behind weight control. The discussions are like a radio talk show to music. Many people say this distracts them from the effort they are putting into the workout, and it makes the time just fly by. Before they know it, they’ve done an hour workout.

You can see the BPM (Beats Per Minute or how fast it is) in the info box. You can also hear a sample of the workout by clicking the small speaker icon next to the workout.

Once you decide which workout you want, just click on the buy button. You can always purchase more than one workout at any time. MARINA’s Download Treadmill Workouts, Elliptical Workouts and 30 minute Walking & Cardio Motivational Workouts all come with Instruction.

How long are the Workouts?   [Top ]

MARINA’s Workouts run from 10 minutes to almost an hour. Once you have loaded the workouts into your iPod or MP3 player, you can play the workouts one after another in any order you choose to create workouts of any length.

How do I download my MARINA’s MP3 Workout?   [Top ]

Once your credit card purchase is authorized (which takes seconds) you will receive instructions to click a link that will download the workout to your computers hard drive. The music program in your computer should automatically import the MP3 Workout file and then transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player.

Once the MP3s are loaded into your Player, just pop on your headphones and you’re ready to go.

How often should I use MARINA’s Audio Workouts?   [Top ]

Health professionals recommend that people exercise 3 times a week with at least 20 minutes of cardio aerobic exercise. MARINA believes that any movement is better than none. Even if you have 10 minutes you can get some exercise into your day. Double up MARINA’s 10 minute Walking Workouts and you get a 20 minute workout. Try a MARINA’s Walking & Aerobics Workout With Instructions, followed by the same MARINA’s Walking & Aerobics Workout Without Instructions. Sing along with MARINA during the second workout. It’s good for your lungs and helps to increase your aerobic capacity. Use MARINA’s workouts while walking to work, from the bus, or going shopping, or to the movies. Just about anywhere you walk could turn into your workout time. When you are at home watching TV, try MARINA’s Body Sculpting, Stretch & Relaxation Workouts. Working out does not have to be like a homework assignment – as MARINA says “It should be fun!!”.

Please check with your doctor before beginning any health and fitness program.


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