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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Audio Workout CDs come with exciting and motivating music to get you up and moving. Just pop on those headphones and enjoy these fun and easy to use audio workout CDs.
MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Audio Workout CDs include, walking, cardio, bodysculpt, stretch & relaxation with chart topping music & instruction by celebrity personal trainer MARINA.
Good for all levels of fitness. Click on each CD to hear a sample.
Available on CDs and from iTunes
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MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Audio Workout CDs

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"Walking To The Musical Beat As Your Body Finds It's Tone"

How many of us actually listen to our internal voice whispering to us to stay committed to our personal health. You may hear words in your head singing truths of conscience but do you always put these phrases into your body and not just hold them in your mind? Take hold of the idea that energy gets energy putting thoughts and ideas into action. You can do it! You merely have to believe in YOU.

I remind myself of this idea everyday while I reach out to women all around the country. The idea of online personal fitness training to motivate others through music helps me in turn with my personal weight issues.

Taking the first step to the beat of our personal rhythm and goal is a good place to start. One foot at a time walking as a soloist playing the music on our own strings. Popping on that computer or MP3 player filled with fitness music workout programs that are easily downloaded right at your fingertips is a quick inexpensive way to get motivated. Exercise that is green with no plastic to unwrap or garbage to take out. Walking on a treadmill, outside or simply walking in place at home are all good as long as you Never Stop Movin' to achieve musical health!

Begin with a stretch:
• Stand with your feet hips width apart. Standing up nice and tall lengthening the spine.
• Shoulders are down and back with hands at your side.
• Now take a deep breath through the nose opening up your arms and lift them over your head. Exhale through the mouth and bring the arms back to your sides. Repeat this four times.
• Drop your head with chin on your chest and round the body over and let yourself hang. Feel the stretch at the back of your legs. Shake your head and neck out while you are in this position.
• Now tuck the chin and round the body back up into a standing position letting the head be the last thing to come up.
• One more time, take a deep breath inhaling and exhaling. Now you are ready to begin to move your body.

And now start walking:
• Burn calories by simply walking to a piece of music that makes you want to move.
• Keep your stomach tight and feel the rhythm as you walk.
• Enjoy the sound of the music and let your body find it's tone.
• Believe in you. Today's the day that nothing can stand in your way. Always remember that!

Click the link below to listen to a song, by me to you as you walk and always remember,
Hear the music, feel the beat and never stop moving in your body and in your life.

Click here for a free sample of my song "Today I Believe".

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