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Testimonials and Results Disclaimer:

Please check with your doctor before beginning this or any health and fitness program.

Every testimonial on this website is from a real MARINA customer who listened to or used her programs or participated in one of MARINA's infomercial testimonial groups. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Before and after photos were not retouched or altered. Results (weight, body fat percentage, circumference measurements, clothing size changes etc) were self-reported by the customer and therefore cannot be verified. Results may not be typical.

What You Might Expect:

You should assume that any results shown in testimonials are not typical. Typical weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week. Results may vary from person to person based on body size and other factors. In overweight or obese individuals, weight loss of up to 1% of total bodyweight per week is more common. Faster weight loss in the first 1-2 weeks is common but usually represents water weight loss, not body fat. Faster fat loss is possible, but not likely. MARINA's programs are not a rapid weight loss program and we do not recommend or condone rapid weight loss schemes. MARINA's programs are musically based workout programs and music to work out with yielding a long term approach to health and fitness.


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